After being forced out of Dot5hosting, I have decided to start my own hosting company with the primary focus of providing a refuge for customers of Dot5hosting.

The goal for my company is to provide the highest level of support possible, and flawless communication with all clients. These are the two factors that I feel were appreciated the most about my level of service with Dot5hosting, and I have every intention of making these factors the most noticeable with my new company.

Secondary goals are as follows:

1. Reliable Services
This is the most important factor beyond communication and support as far as I am concerned.
Currently I am running only one server, but it has been in use for 23 months without ever being inaccessible except for 6 reboots that I have manually performed due to upgrades or major system changes such as enhancing security.

2. Affordability
Pricing for my hosting service will be a small amount higher than the pricing of Dot5hosting due to the fact that profitability is very important. Dot5hosting constantly had financial problems which caused Chris to focus on the prospect of bringing in as many customers as possible for the initial income that came with them.
This of course caused a huge deficit in the ability to provide support to all existing customers, as well as the new customers.
My company will only accept a manageable number of new clients at any time as a way to ensure that the support will never decline. Of course to do this, the prices need to be a bit higher to ensure the ability to run the company without a constant surge of new signups.

If you are interested in knowing more about what I have to offer, or if you would like to discuss packages and pricing, please email me with your questions or comments. You can also chat with me live using MSN where my screen name is, or AIM with the screen name ManagedSupport.

I currently do not have any marketing to solicit new clients, as my only focus is to contact Dot5hosting clients that I have worked with in the past who will appreciate the idea of being hosted with me as they already know how well I will support them. 

Support will be handled either through helpdesk, email, MSN, AIM, or phone where you can reach me at 281-248-4774.

Kind Regards,

Tony Kammerer
Owner / Administrator
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